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then re-direct those savings into other parts of the wedding budget.


It lets them upgrade things such as

Linens, Flowers, Lighting, Shoes, etc.





Photography Packages Begin at $1,500 for 6 hours.

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After years of Digital Marketing,

I never imagined this path would lead to Wedding Photography.


In 2004 I took a leap of faith, and opened my own independent studio in Honolulu.

Blogs were new and social media wasn’t even a thing yet. Saying I was blessed would be an understatement.


All the bookings for the next 11 years came from direct referrals. Brides shared images and information on chat forums like the While other vendors helped connect me with like minded couples. Thanks to them, I never had to advertise, and still haven’t made business cards.


Doing weddings in Hawaii is pretty cool. You get to meet interesting people from all over the world and see their most intimate of moments & traditions. Plus…hey, its paradise!

After doing events big & small, I started to burn out. It was 2015 and my portfolio lacked diversity. Shooting under the same palm tree every weekend, does tend to get a little boring

after a while.


So, it was time to pack up the bags and move back home to become a Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer. Its been a long time, and a lot has changed since I left the Burgh…but it still feels like home (colder than i remember…much colder)


For the next 2 years (2016 and 2017) the plan is to travel around the mainland and shoot in new places like barns, ornate churches, forests, bridges, and historic red brick goodness-es

that make this place so engaging.

" I will always return to Hawaii…but Pittsburgh has its own unique charm, and I’m excited to capture all of it! "


I hope you will show me the areas that inspire you…

the places where you fell in love.